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LCS- HIST 1301

Exam 1 Ch. 1-2

Thousands of years after people first appeared in North America climatic changes and extensive hunting had killed off the large mammal population
From A.D. 300 to 900, which group in Middle America (Mesoamerica) developed cities, including gigantic pyramids? Mayas
Ancient Greeks knew that the world was round
Navigation in the age of discovery was hampered by the inability to accirately determine longitude
By 1492, united kingdoms in western Europe included Portugal and Spain
Christopher Columbus first landed in the New World in the Bahamas
Food crops exported from the Americas allowed a worldwide population explosion
After the arrival of Europeans, the greatest number of Indians died as a result of disease
In most cases, Spanish explorers and soldiers who came to the New World were motivated by desire for power and patrotism; not for the desire to server their fellow men
After defeating the native forces at Vera Cruz, Cortes invited the warriors to join his advance on the Aztecs
The encomendia system allowed privileged Spanish landowners to control Indian villages
The primary objective of the thousands of priests in New Spain was to convert the Indians
The government of Spain in the New World differed fro that of the later British colonies in that every detail of the colonial administration was closely regulated by the Spanish king
In 1565, the first European town was established in the current-day United States at St. Augustine
The original Spanish settlement of New Mexico was led by Juan de Onate
This is true of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 It was led by an Indian named Pope and the Indians attacked numerous churches and priests. NOT that it was led by the Spaniards to immediately colonize Texas & California
Horses became so valuable in North America because they intensified intertribal competition and warfare
The French captain, Jacques Cartier, most importantly, explored the St. Lawrence Bay
A major reason for the defeat of the Spanish Armada was storms in the North Sea
The explorer Sir Humphrey Gilbert was lost at sea
James I was the first of the Stuart monarchs
Charles I was executed as a result of the English Civil War
The Glorious Revolution of 1688 increased the power of Parliament
The stockholders who invested in the Virginia Company were motivated primarily by financial profit
One of the most important factors aiding the survival of the early Jamestown settlers was the assistance they received from the Indians
As Jamestown's leader, Captain John Smith made the colonists work in order to eat
One outstanding characteristic of Jamestown in its intial years was the high mortality rate among its settlers
Pocahontas died in England
The headright system adopted for the Virginia Colony consisted of giving fifty acres of land to anyone who would transport himself to the colony and fifty more for any servants he might bring
In 1624, a British court dissolved the struggling Virginia Company, and Virginia became a royal colony
Bacon's Rebellion mainly involved a dispute between Nathaniel Bacon and Governor Berkeley over how to respond to Indian attacks on the frontier
Bacon's Rebellion brought indentured servants and dsmall farmers together against the colony's rich planters and politcal leaders
Roger Williams founded Rhode Island after he had been banished from Massachusetts for his religious opinions
Roger Williams' mistrust of the purity of others eventually led him to the belief that there should be complete separation of church and state
Anne Hutchinson was kicked out of Mass. for challenging the authority of local ministers
King Phillip's War devastated the Native American culture in New England
A large number of South Carolian's original settlers were British planters from Barbados
English merchants in the Carolinas by the early 1700s establishing a thriving trade with Southern Indians for deerskins
The major reason Charles II decided to wrest New Netherland from the Dutch was the threat of that colony's commercial success
The Iroquois controlled much of eastern North America during the second half of the 17th century
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