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Hernando Cortes

What made Spain the richest country in the world during the 1500s? Gold and silver from the New World
What area did Hernando Cortes conquer? Mexico
What did the Spaniards wear to protect themselves from Indian arrows and spears? armor
What tribe of Indians were conquered by Hernando Cortes? Aztecs
Following his conquest of Mexico, where did Hernando Cortes continue to conquer in the name of Spain? Central America
What is a conquistador? conquerer
Who was the chief of the Aztecs? Montezuma II
What animal did The Spainish introduce to the Americas? horse
When did Cortes conquer the Aztecs? 1519-1521
Was it easy or difficult for Cortes' men to defeat the Aztecs? difficult
What was the main purpose of Hernando Cortes' expedition to Mexico? Find gold
What was the capital city of the Aztecs? Tenochtitlan
How many ships brought Cortes' men to Mexico? 11 ships
What did Cortes order done to his ships upon landing in Mexico? Why? Burn the ships to keep the soldiers from trying to run away
How many men were in Cortes' expedition? 600
At first, the Aztec thought Cortes and his men were what? gods
Who sent Cortes to Mexico? Spanish Governor of Cuba
Who was Marina? Indian maiden who served as Cortes' interpretor
What factors allowed Hernando Cortes to finally conquer the Aztecs? Spainish had superior weapons, smallpox infected Aztecs, other tribes joined Spanish
Created by: marthell