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US CH6 Study Guide

US History(Honors) CH 6-Study Guide-A New Industrial Age

Who invented the typewriter? Christopher Sholes
Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell
Who developed an efficient technique for transforming iron into steel? Henry Bessemer
Who introduced an efficient means of retrieving oil from beneath the earth's surface? Edwin L. Drake
Who perfected the incandescent light bulb at his research laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey? Thomas Alva Edison
Who developed an entire system for producing and distributing electrical power and organized power plants around the nation? Thomas Alva Edison
Which resources played crucial roles in industrialization? Oil,coal, and iron
How did the Bessemer process allow better use of iron ore? Made the process of turning iron ore into steel quicker and more efficient
What new uses for steel were developed at this time? Steel railroad tracks, barbed wire, farm machines, and taller buildings
Recognizing how important railroads were for settling the West, the government made large ________ to the rail road companies. land grants and loans
the Central Pacific Rail Road employed thousands of ___(1)___ immigrants, while numerous ___(2)___ immigrants worked for the Union Pacific Railroad. 1) Chinese 2) Irish
Under railroad time, the United States was divided into ___ time zones. four
Various measures enacted to regulate railroads were known as ___. Granger Laws
By the end of the 19th century, a quarter of the nation's railroads had been taken over by __. financial companies
In what ways did the railroad companies use their power to hurt farmers? selling government land to businesses instead of farmers, entering agreements for fixed prices, and charging different rates for different customers
Why didn't the decision in the Munn v. Illinois case succeed in checking the power of the railroads? 9 years later, the Supreme Court ruled that a state could not set rates on interstate commerce
The type of cost hardest for business owners to control was... labor
A corporation that did nothing but buy out the stocks of other companies was known as a... holding company
John D. Rockefeller became a magnate of the.. American oil industry
To improve their labor conditions, many industrial workers formed... unions
The Great Strike of 1887 involved workers for some of the nation's... railroad companies
A violent incident that turned much of the public against the labor movement was know as the... Haymarket Affair
By World War I, membership in the American Federation of Labor was around... two million
Created by: LgnSchvl