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Manzo's Study Guide

Mrs. Manzo's Study Guide for Friday, September 21 SS Test

Define geography The Study of people, their environment and their resources
Name 3 types of primary source documents Newspapers, Photograph, letter
What is Economics? Economics is the study of how people manage their limited resources to satisfy wants and needs.
Name 3 examples of secondary sources textbook, encyclopedia, article
How do archaeologists learn about the past? They learn about the past by studying artifacts by digging and excavating.
What is an artifact? A man-made object, characteristic of an earlier time.
Name two examples of artifacts Any answer: clay pottery, marble, tools, scrolls.
What is the PRIME MERIDIAN? The Prime Meridian is an imaginary longitude line that runs through Greenwich, England. It divides the Eastern and Western Hemispheres
What is the equator Equator: An imaginary latitude line circles the equator in the center by Northern and Southern Hemispheres
What is a peninsula? A piece of land surrounded by water on 3 sides
Give one example of a peninsula PORT WASHINGTON
What is an island? A piece of land surrounded by water
What is culture A total way of life
What does the study of sociology teach us? Sociology teaches us about how people behave in groups
Name 3 examples of landforms Any of these: Mountains, hills, plateaus, valleys
What are the 3 features of a free market system? Any of these: Consumers make choices, government has a limited role, competition is encouraged, businesses are owned by private citizens.
Define IMPORT Import: a good that is brought in from another country for sale
Define EXPORT Export: A good that is sent to another country for sale
Define CONSUMER Someone who buys something
What is civics? The study of the rights and responsibilities of you, the citizen
Created by: smcauliffe