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Exploration & Explorers Test

Person, Place, Event, TermAnswer
Christopher Columbus Italian Explorer who who discovered the Carribean for Spain and began a busy trade system between Spain and the New World.
King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella The King and Queen of Spain who sponsored Columbus's journey
Taino People The Native people of the Carribean islands. These were the first people of the new world to meet Columbus
Vasco Da Gama A Portuguese explorer who discovered an all water route to India.
Conquistador The name of a type of Spanish explorer that conquered the new world by defeating many native empires.
Cortez The conquistador that conquered the Aztec empire
Moctezuma The leader of the Aztec empire
Pizzaro The conquistador that conquered the Incan empire
The three G's The three goals of the conquistadors: Gold, Glory, and God
Ponce de Leon The conquistador that discovered Florida while searching for the fountain of youth.
Cibola The mythical seven cities of gold
What type of colony was New France? Government
What type of colony was New Spain? Government
What type of colony was the New Netherlands? Private Company
Main item traded in New France Fur
Henry Hudson Explorer who sailed for the Dutch. Claimed the Hudson River for the Netherlands.
Marquette & Joilet 2 French explorers that claimed the Mississppi and the Great Lakes for France
La Salle French explorer that claimed the mouth of the Mississippi for France
Original Name of New York City New Amsterdam
Peter Stuyvesant First governor of New Amsterdam
Columbian Exchange The beginning of trade between the Old World (Europe) and the New World (the Americas)
Coronado A conquistador that explored southwest North America looking for the seven cities of Cibola
Aztecs An important Native empire from Mexico
Incas An important Native empire from South America
Black Death A horrible disease that killed thousands of people in Europe during the Middle Ages
Renaissance A time of rebirth in learning about Greece and Rome.
Marco Polo An Italian explorer that returned to Europe after a 17 year trip to China. He inspired other countries to trade with Asia.
Bartolome de las Casas A Spanish priest that spoke out against slavery.
Reformation A time during the Renaisance when the Christian church split into Catholicism and Protestantism
Middle Ages The time in European history between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance
Equator 0 degree Latitude. Divides the Earth into Northern and Southern hemispheres.
Prime Meridian 0 degree Longitude. Divides the Earth into Eastern and Western hemispheres.
Vikings Explorers from Scandanavian Europe that came to the New World in 1000 BCE.
Created by: wmsnichols