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kevins Unit 2 vocab

Columbian Exchange the transfer of plant, animals, and the disease between the americans and the europeans,asia and africa
sea dogs english sailors
conquiador a spanish soldier and explorer who led military expeditions.
encomienda system a system in spanish americabthat tave setlers the right to tax localindians or to demand their labot in exchange for protecting them
plantation a large farm that usually specialized in growing one kind of crop for profit.
protestman reformation a religous movement began b martin luther and others in 1517 to reform the catholic church
spanish armada a large spanish fleet defeated by england in 1588
northwest passege a nonexistant path throughnorth america that early explorers searched for that would allow ships to sail to the pacific to the atlantic ocean
charter an official document that gives a person the right to establish a colony
tenochtitlan capital of the aztec empire
viceroy the governer of a country or province
aztecs a member of the nahuatl-speaking people that founded mexican empire
incas a member of any dominant groups
emigrants a person to leave a place to live somewhere else
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