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History A unit


Medieval A word used to refer to the middle ages.
Middle Ages A thousand year period between 500-1500. Rome falls and modern era begins.
Feudalism A system in which people exchange loyalty to a local lord, for land and protection.
Serfs Workers in the feudal system, similar to slaves.
Manors A village and surrounding fields owned by lords. Serfs could not leave the manor without permission.
Vikings Sailors from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. They were violent people often making raids on western Europe.
Vinland The coast of North America that the Viking discovered in 1000 A.D.
Muslims A religion started Mohammed in the 7th Century. Islam (Muslims) religion has Christian, Hebrew, and Arabic traditions.
Moors Soldiers fighting for the Muslim religion.
Crusades War of Christians and Muslims over Holy land.
Marco Polo (Italian man) The first European to live in the East and write about his discoveries.
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