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BCMS Word Power L23

Vocabulary practice with SAT words

to warn of as an omen; forecast portend
to babble; to talk meaninglessly prattle
victimizing or destroying others for one's own gain; pillaging predatory
adapted for grasping or holding prehensile
a sense that something is about to occur; a premonition presentiment
extremely pure; untouched pristine
enormous in size, quantity, degree; marvelous, amazing prodigious
intellectually deep or penetrating; reaching to, rising from, or effecting the depths of one's nature profound
proximity, nearness; kinship propinquity
cautious, discreet; exercising good judgement prudent
"His teacher __________ that Billy would come to a POOR END." portend
"__________ RATTLE snakes" prattle
"A __________ BREAD STORY" predatory
"The monkey's __________ tail held the UTENSIL." prehensile
"Ted had a __________ that he was not going to like his PRESIDENT." presentiment
"Marge routinely had her carpets CLEANED so they would look __________." pristine
"A __________ DISH" prodigious
"The TOES of King Two TOES Kahmin was a __________ discovery." profound
"The Johnson Twins sit in close PROXIMITY because of their __________." propinquity
"A __________ STUDENT prepares ahead for her math test." prudent
(por TEND) portend
(PRAT l) prattle
(PRED ah tor ee) predatory
(pri HEN sil) prehensile
(pre ZEN tih ment) presentiment
(PRIS teen) pristine
(prah DIJ us) prodigious
(prah FOUND) profound
(proh PING kwi tee) propinquity
(PROOD ent) prudent
Created by: kault