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swh wordsmart 1.20

Exigency 비상사태, an emergency
Exonerate 책임을 면제해주다, 무죄로 하다 to free completely from blame, to exculpate
Expatriate 조국애서 추방사다, 이민하다 to throw out of his or her native land, to emigrate
Expedient 즉시 편의를 제공하는, 상책의 providing an immediate advantage, serving one's immediate self-interest.
Explicit 명백한 clearly and directly expressed
Extol 격찬하다 to praise highly
Extraneous 불필요한, 관계없는 unnecessary, irrelevant
Extrapolate 추론하다, 추측하다 to project or deduce from something known
Extricate 곤경에서 벗어나게 하다 to free from difficulty
Exult 기뻐하다, 축제기분에 젖다 to rejoice, to celebrate
Created by: Sungwon