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SAT - Top 300

Aberration Something different from the usual
Abstract Theoretical; not concrete; difficult to understand
Abstruse Difficult to comprehend
Accede To agree to
Acclaim Applause; approval
Acme Highest Point
Acquiesce To agree without protesting
Acrimony Bitterness; hostility
Adroit Skillful
Advent Arrival or Coming
adverse unfavorable; harmful
advocate reccomend; plead for
aesthetic pertaining to beauty or art
affable good-natured; easy to approach
affirmation positive declaration; confirmation
affluent wealthy abundant
alienated feeling emotionally removed
alleviate to relieve; improve somewhat
allude refer indirectly
altruistic selfless;generous
ambiguous doubtful or unclear
ambivalent having conflicting feelings
ameliorate to improve
amicable friendly
analogous comparable
anarchy lawlessness
animosity hostility, hatred
anomaly irregularity
antagonistic hostile
antecedent something that comes before
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