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Study for finals!!!

Ballast anything that gives moral stability
Boisterous Stormy
Conflict Battle
Conspiracy Illegal plans against someone
Continual endless
Discard To throw away
Embelish enhance
Exception Case that does not follow a normal rule
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Ferocious Savage; feirce
Listless Lifeless
Panic A sudden overpowering of fear
Prominent Well known
Punctual On time
Regulation A rule one must obey
Segregated Seperated because of race
Subdued Quiet; low in strength
Template A model or mold that provides a pattern or guide for making an object multiple times
Trifle A thing of little value
Visage Face; Appearance
Plot Series of events in a story
Genre A type of category a book fits into
Chronological Order A book in which the of events happen in time sequence
Protagonist The main character or hero of a story
Theme A moral or lesson that an author hopes to get across in a book
Conflict The problem a character faces in a book
Myth A traditional story about the origins of the world
Motive A reason behind an action
Point of view The perspective from which the story
Characterization The way an author reveals a character's traits
Onomatopia Words to imitate sounds
Simile A comparison of things using words lsuch as "like" and "as"
Metaphor A comparison of two things that share something in common
Personification Non-human things having human-like traits
Alliteration A repetition of consonants at the beginning of a words at a series of words
rhyme To repeat similar sounds at the end of a sentence
Dynamic character A character that goes through a major change throughout a book
Flashback An event that happened before a book to reveal information about someone or something
Fantasy A book with at least one unreal element
Science fiction A fictional book with a scientific advance
Suspence A feeling of growing tension giving the reader curious about the outcome of the book
Foreshadowing Hints about events that will take place later on in the book
Hyperbole An exaggeration used for humor or to make a point
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