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Thomas- unit 10 vocabulary

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

means "rebirth" and refers to the period that followed Europe's Middle Ages   Renaissance  
a way of thinking and learning that stresses the importance of human abilities and actions   humanism  
blend of humanist and religious ideas   Christian humanism  
a reform movement against the Roman Catholic Church   Reformation  
those who protested against the Roman Catholic church   Protestants  
a religious order created to serve the pope and the church   Jesuits  
the sharing of power between local governments and a strong central government   federalism  
series of events that led to the birth of modern science   Scientific Revolution  
explanations scientists develop to explain observed facts   theories  
step-by-step process for performing experiments and other scientific research   scientific method  
to go all the way around the globe   circumnavigate  
part of Spain's large navy   Spanish Armada  
the exchange of plants, animals, and ideas between the New World and the Old World   Columbian Exchange  
large farms   plantations  
system in which a government controls all economic activity in a country to make the government stronger and richer   mercantilism  
an economic system in which individuals and private businesses run most industries   capitalism  
individuals decide what goods and services they will buy and sell   market economy  


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Created by: thomasja