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Revoution / Communism

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

True or False. Russians demonstrated nationalism at the beginning of World War I; however, Russians were drained of their resources, failing on the battlefield, and in need of food at home by the end of the war.   TRUE  
Lenin   He believed that people should be socialist, then he would run the government  
Marx (western socialists)   Socialism could be achieved gradually through moderate reform  
Lenin (Russia)   Only revolution would bring change  
Bolsheviks   HE gave to peasants land, he gave the people control but really would become a master and take over with communism  
True or False. War communism during which Communists took over bank, factories, and railroad and forced peasants into the Red Army or factories was economically not successful.   TRUE  
Key points of NEP (new economic plan)   Government keeps control large industries, but small businesses allowed collecting profit  
Stalin's 5 year plan   Heavy industry and increased farm output  
Collectives   Large farms operated by groups of peasants  
Great Purge   Reign of terror in which secret police charged anti-communists and/ or those falling to meet quotas  
Totalitarian   One-Party dictatorship attempts to regulate every aspect of lives of citizens  
Russians lives: terror   opened private letter, listening devices, nothing appears in print without official approval, critics sent to labor camps  
Russian lives: propaganda   Citizens heard/ read about communist successes and the evils of capitalism, posters, T.V., speakers in factories and collectives  
Russian lives: Atheism   Belief in no god(s), religious persecuted, buildings converted to offices, communism and its leaders became "sacred"  
Socialist Realism   Boost socialism by showing life in postivite way  


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Created by: mhackett