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Mayans, Caribs & Arawaks

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Taino   Arawaks  
Kalinago   Caribs  
Caciques   Arawak Chiefs  
Duho   Ceremonial CHair of Arawak Chief  
Amais   A kinf od bed for Caribs  
Middle Passage   The journey from the Caribbean to Africa  
Coffle   Device used to hold slaves together at the neck and feet  
Zemis   Idol gods who were worshipped  
Yum Kax   God of Corn  
Chac   God of Rain  
Kinich Ahau   God of Sun  
Ah Kinichil   God of Earth  
Ah Kin   Mayan priest  
Milpas   plots of food  
Maybouya   Mayan evil spirit  
What did the Mayans do?   They built temples and made calendars  
Bohio   Carib Chief's house  
Kabay   Carib house that women slept in  
Rassada   Bracelets  
Caracoli   Necklaces  
Roucou   Red Dye  
Batas   Ball game  
Batey   The field for playing Batas  
Cohaba   Powdered Tobacco  
Cohiba   Tobacco Plant  
Coyaba   Heaven. They believed in 11 heavens and 13 hells.  
Areytos   Arawak dancing and singing during leisure time  


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Created by: kathryn2335