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TOG Y4 W2 Terms

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Barrack   A building for lodging people, usually soldiers.  
Disaster   A tragic event, often occerring suddenly and causing much damage or loss of life; a catastrophe.  
Dynamite   A powerful explosive, made by mixing chemicals and packing it in sticks lit bya fuse.  
Earthquake   A sudden movement of the earths crust caused by the release of stress accumulated along geologic faults or plates of earth's crust, or by volcanic activity.  
Hydrent   An upright pipe with a spout or outlet of some kind; normally placed near the street and used to draw water for fighting fires.  
Looter   One who carries off or steals things as loot, usually during a war, disaster, riot,or other crisis.  
Refugee   A person who flees to find saftey or refuge,often a foreign nation, and usually in times of war or political disorder.  
Registry   Aa book or list of records, as of people,events, purchases, etc.  
Relief   1) ease given through the elimination of distressor pain; 2) general aid given to those that need, as money or food.  
Richter scale   a scale for measuring the intensity of an earthquake. Its values typically fall between 0 and 10, in each increase of 1 representing a 10-fold increase in energy (named for American seismlogist Charles Francis Richter).  
Boiler   a closed vessel, used with a furnace or other heat sourse, so that water is made into steam in order to power engines (as in trains),supply heat, ect.  
Crow's Nest   a platform used as a lookout, located near the top of a ship's mast.  
Luxurious   characterized by luxury; having great abundance or wealth; elaborate or ornate.  
Poop deck   an exposed partial deck (or a section of the upper deck) on a ship where the passengers can walk about freely  
Stateroom   a private cabin or compartment with sleeping accommodations on a ship or train  
Steerage   the section of a passenger ship, originally near the rudder, providing the cheapest passenger accommodations  
Submerse   to sink or plunge under water; submerge  
Transatlantic   reaching across or crossing the Atlantic  


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