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Ch 3 and 4

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

repeating weapons, pistol & rifle, cannons, iron & steal technology, formation (low to ground and behind cover)   What is Civil War Military Technology?  
1. British furnished arms to Native Americans and encouraged them to attack settlers in the Northwest Territory. 2. British "impressment" (forcing US sailor into service)   What are the causes of the War of 1812?  
1. American industries grow. 2. Status of US as free and independent nation confirmed. 3. Federalists die out since they opposed the war   What are the consequences of the War of 1812?  
1. Industrial Revolution begins in Britain and spreads to US. 2. Textile Mills in New England. 3. Market Economy   What are characteristics of the northern economy?  
1. Cotton gin makes agriculture more profitable. 2. Increases demand for labor and slaves   What are characteristics of the southern economy?  
1. Jackson - political power for all classes. 2. Gives government jobs to supporters   What is the spoils system?  


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Created by: PLHShistory