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Sport Industry Final

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

What is Sport Toursim?   Travel which involves either observing or participating in a sporting event staying apart from their usual environment  
Four Components of Sport Tourism   Tourists Businesses that provide goods and services for tourists The government in a tourist destination The host community  
Examples of Active Sport Tourism   Person travels to take part in sport  
Examples of Passive Sport Tourism   Person travels to watch a sport  
Examples of Nostalgia Sport Tourism   Going to Pro Football hall of fame  
What is a Hallmark Event?   Superbowl, Wimbeldon  
Difference between Mega and Small-Scale Event   Mega- Olympics Small-scale- College sports, existing community infastructure  
Which of these is not a part of the triple bottom line?   Social well-being Mental well-being Economics Environment  
(T/F) The legacy of urban regeneration means the beautification and rebuilding of run-down urban areas preceding an event   TRUE  
Which of these is not a cause of exaggeration of economic benefits from a sport tourism event?   Time switchers Casuals Regulars Displacement  
What could make an economic impact study unreliable?   Who conducted the study, what did it actually take into account Displacement Effect-process whereby potential tourists are discouraged from visiting a destination because of perceptions of such hassles as crowding  
(T/F) An economic impact study is a better measure for the impact of an event than a cost-benefit analysis   FALSE  
What is Sport Marketing   Sport marketing is the process of designing and implementing activities for the production, pricing, promotion and distribution of a sport product or sport business product to satisfy the needs or desires of consumers and to achieve the company’s objectiv  
Two unique aspects of sport?   Intangible and involves emotion  
What are the 4 P's of marketing?   Price Promotion Place Product  
10 steps in creating a marketing plan?   Place Price Purpose Position Package Promise Protecting the Market Players Promotion Product  
What are internal factors of the market climate?   Players, Owners, Team Management, Staff  
What are the external factors of market climate?   Media, corporate sponsors, fans  
Branding Steps in order from first to last   Brand Awareness Brand Image Brand Equity Brand Loyalty  
Difference between Demographics and Psychographics   Demographics- City, Income, Sex Psychographics- Sport itself, service  
Difference between Tangible and Core Products   Tangible- Goods Core- Sport itself, service  
4 things to consider when setting a product price   Consumer Competitor Company Climate  
3 aspects of promotional mix   Advertising Sponsorship Public Relations  
5 key concepts in Sport Communication Theory   Genres Context Process Elements Effects  
Difference between external and internal organization   Internal- Memos within organization External- News released to public through media outlets  
4 Basic component elements of communication   Sender Message Receiver Channel to which the message is delivered  
2 Factors that can inhibit communication   Feedback Noise  
(T/F) Intrapersonal Communication is communication between two people   FALSE  
Example of Print Commnication   Newspaper  
Example of Electronic Communication   TV  
Example of New Media Communication   Twitter, Facebook  
What is the difference between two-way symmetrical and two-way asymmetrical communication   Asymmetrical- Try to induce Public Behavior Symmetrical- Recognize outcome may mean that the organization and public may have to change  
Differences between Public, Media, and Community Relations   PR- Public Based MR- Media Based CR- Community Based  
What is Scarcity?   Insufficient resources to meet needs and wants  
(T/F) Good are tangible, services are intangible   TRUE  
What are the laws of supply and demand   Law of demand: as price increases, demand decreases Law of supply: as price increases, supply increases  
This means where market supply meets market demand   Market Equilibrium  
(T/F) All professional sports teams are profitable   FALSE  
What are 3 reasons costs have increased in college athletics   Travel, Equipment, Coaches Salary  
3 ways colleges can cut spending   TV, Merchandising, Student Fees  
How do you calculate assets   Assets=Liability + Owners Equity  
5 varsity athletic facilities at The Ohio State University   Ohio Stadium, St. Johns, Schott, Bill Davis Stadium, JO  
3 things that shape consumer attitudes   Experiences, feelings, beliefs  
Highly identified consumers do all the following except?   Attend more games Are more sensitive to price Are less sensitive to prove Invest more time and effort into being a fan  
What are reference groups?   Peers, people or groups that influence your ideas or behaviors based on their favorite team. Parents affect on you liking Ohio State.  
Every event is a product, outcome and a   Occurence  
What are 3 pre-event tasks?   Scheduling the event, Negotiating the event, Coordinating the event  
What are 3 post-event tasks?   Clean up, settlement, evaluation  
Example of Single purpose facility?   Bowling Alley  
Specialized facility   Ice Rink  
Multi-purpose facility   Large stadium  
Non-traditional facility   Skate Park  
Privatization started in what sport sector?   Professional  
What is sport consumer behavior?   Consists of the process involved in the search, selection, purchase, and use of products, services, and experiences that fulfill consumers’ needs or desires  
What is the difference between a market segment and target market?   Market segment- Portion of the population Target market- specific market segment you've identified  
3 key motives for participation   Social motivation, Mastery motivation, Achievement motivation  
Which of the following motivations means motivation to be the best   Achievement Motivation  
What does BIRGing stand for?   Basking In Reflective Glory  
(T/F) All participants of a sport are also spectators   FALSE  
What are 2 stimuli that affect consumer perception   Physical, Cognitive  
Example of a direct reference group   Family  
What is an example of an in-direct reference group   Athletes, actors, people who you don't come in contact with  
What is situational influence?   Influence of going to a Tigers game in Detroit vs. the Royals. You wanna root for the Tigers because of the situation you're in.  
What are the five steps in the consumer decision making progress?   Recognition, information search, Evaluation of alternatives, Purchase, past purchase  
(Essay) Why could virtual consumption be a challenge?   Fan's don't want to come out to NFl games because they're concerned more with their fantasy teams  
What is precedent?   A legal case establishing a principle or rule that a court may need to adopt when deciding subsequent cases with similar issues or facts.  
(T/F) Judges must follow precedent?   FALSE  
What types of organizations does the U.S. constitution cover?   Public schools, organizations  
(T/F) Statutes, laws, regulations, or policies may not conflict with the U.S. Constitution?   TRUE  
Two biggest pieces of legislation to impact sports   Title IV, ADA (Disabilities Act)  
Example where an individual act in sport signified a broader social concern   Mike Vick- Animal Abuse Lance Armstrong- Doping  
Example where sport served as a vehicle for social transformation   Jackie Robinson  
What is the difference between heterosexism and homophobia?   Heterosexism- better to be your gender, dominate gender Homophobia- Irrational fear of homosexuality, anti-gay stance  
(T/F) More women are in leadership positions in sport since Title IX was passed   FALSE  
Who was the first athlete in the "Big Four" to come out as a gay professional athlete   Jason Collins  
How have researchers given into racism in sport?   Studied to see if there was a correlation between genetics and athletic performance  
When do you not have to accommodate under ADA?   If you're imposing a risk to able fans If you were built at a certain time  
Title IX is apart of a larger bill relating to what?   Education  
What are the 3 aspects of the Three Prong test   1. Proportionality: the proportionality of student-athletes must meet the proportionality of students on campus. 2. History and continuing practice: must show that there has been a continuous effort to expand to meet the interests and abilities of the un  
What 2 areas of law do state laws cover?   Contracts, Torts  
What's the difference between compensatory and punitive damages   Compensatory- monetary damage, medical bills Punitive- Extra charge to make them pay for pain and suffering  
What is negligence   Failure to act as a reasonable person would  
4 Things the plaintiff must prove in a negligence case   Duty Breech of Duty Approximate Cause Injury  
What is protected from defamation suits?   No truth is protected, you can't be saved for the truth  
What is the difference between assault and batter   Assault- Verbal threat Battery- Physical harm  
What is an example of an exculpatory agreement?   Waiver or release, Liability for running a race  
What problems do National Letters of Intent as contracts pose?   Must be 18 to sign a contract  
What 3 things do sports sociologists study?   Social Patterns Social Structure Organization of people  


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