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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

a salt lake between Isreal and Jordan;sea is the lowest point on earth.   dead sea  
an arm of the aribian penninsula and southwest Iran   persian gulf  
capital of assyria   Ninveh  
a rich tradeport and a major city of phoencia, located on the eastern mediteranian sea in present day southern lebanon   tyre  
a river flowing south from turkey through syria and iraq   Euphrates river  
a blinding agreement   covent  
many territories and people who are controlled by one government   empire  
a traditional story; in some cultures, a legend that explains peoples beliefs   myth  
one of the most scared rivers; river in which jesus was baptized   Jordan river  
north sea(greek)   Black Sea  
a country in southwest asia   Isreal  
an acient region in present day labanon   phomicians  
largest mountain range in iraq and iran over 900 miles long with peakes over 1200 ft.   Zagros mountains  
an organized list of of laws and rules   code  
the jewish people; the tribe the jewish people came from   hebews  
to force someone to live in another country   exile  
King of Isrealites after Saul   King David  
an ancient region between the Tigris and Euphrates river in southwest asia   mesopotamia  
the sites of the earliest known civilization; located in mesopotamia, in present day southern iraq; later became Babylonia   sumer  
a form of writting that uses groups of wedges and lines; used to write several languages of the Fertile Crescent   cuneiform  
the scattering of people who have a common background or belief   diaspra  
a group of traders traveling together   caravan  
a market selling different kinds of goods   bazzar  
a time when there is so little food that many people starve   famine  
king of isrealites after david   solomon  
kind of new Bbylonian empire from 605 to 561 bc   nebuchadnezzer  
a river in iraq and turkey   Tigirs river  
a historical kingdom of nothern mesopotamia around present day iraq and turkey   Assyrians  
king of Babylon from 1792 to 1750 bc; creator of babylonian empire; established one of the oldest laws   Hammurabi  
a belief in many gods   polytheism  
king of assyria, conquered babylonia and found the last great assyrian dynasty   saragon  
a set of symbols that represent the sounds of a language   alphabet  
a proffensional writter   scribe  
the most sacred text of the isrealites that recorded laws and events of their history   torah  
isrealite leader; led the isrealites from egypt to canaan; according to the bible, he recieved the ten commandments from god   moses  
overthrew assyrian in 612bc   chaldeans  
the branch of science that studies the plants, stars, moon, and other objects in the universe   astromney  
a city of ancient sumer in southern mesopotamia, located in present day southeast iraq   UR  
a region occpied by the ancient isrealites, also known as palestine, located between the jordan river,mediteranean sea and the dead sea, on site that includes the present day isreal and part of jordan   canaan  
a temple of the ancient sumerians and babylonians, made of terraces connected by ramps and stairs, roughly in the shape of a pyramid   ziggerate  
the belief in one god   monotheism  
a relgious leader who told the isrealites what god wanted them to do   prophet  
first leader of the isrealites; according to the bible, he led his family to canaan, where he became the founder of a new nation   abraham  
a very long story about a sumerian hero   epic of giligomesn  
according to the bible, a code of laws given to the isrealites by god   10 comandments  
ancient parchment manuscripts containing the earliest version of the first few books of the bible   Dead Sea Scrolls  
a capital city of modern isreal; a holy city for jews, christians, and musims   serusalem  
the chariot is the earliest and simplest type of carriage   chariot  
center of babylonian empire   Babylon  
a city with its own traditions, government and laws;both a city and seperate independent state   city-state  
where 2 or more rives meet   confluence  
feeder river, river that feeds into a larger river   tributary  


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