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Greek RtsEMS 1st Sem

Greek Roots EMS 1st Semester 41-80

juven young ex: juvenile, rejuvenate
later side, broad ex: lateral, latitude
leg law ex: lega, legislature
lic, licit permit ex: license, illicit
lit, liter letters ex: literature, alliteration
magn great ex: maginify, magnificent
man hand ex. manual, manicure
mand command ex: mandate, mandatory
mania madness ex: maniac, pyrmania
nat to be born, to spring forth ex: nature, native
neur nerve ex: neutral, neurotic
nom law, order ex: autonomy, economy
nomen, nomin name ex: nominate, nomenclature
omni all, every ex: omnipotent, omnivorous
onym name ex: pseudonym, anonymous
oper to work ex: operate, cooperate
ortho correct, straight ex: orthodontist, orthopedic
pac peace ex: pacifist, Pacific ocean
pan all ex: panacea, pantheon
pater, part father ex: patriarch, patriot
path, pathy feeling, suffering ex: sympathy, telepathy
que, qui ask, seek ex: question, inquire
reg, recti straighten ex: correct, direct
ri, ridi laughter ex: ridicule, ridiculous
rog, roga ask ex: prerogative, interrogate
rupt break ex. rupture, erupt
sacr, secr sacred ex: sacred, consecrate
salv, salu safe, healthy ex: salvation, salute
sangui blood ex: sanquine, sanquinity
sat, satis enough ex: satisfy, saturate
tact, tang, tag touch ex: contact, contagious
tele far ex: telephone, telescope
tempo time ex: tempo, contemportary
ten, tin, tain hold ex: contain, dention
uni one ex: unicorn, university
vac empty ex: vacation, vacuum
val strength, worth ex: valor, equivalent
ven, vent come ex: convent, convene
vert, vers turn ex: reverse, introvert
zo animal ex: zoology, zodiac
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