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NIC Module 2


RID Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
CMP Certification Maintenance Program
NTS National Testing System
ACET Associate Continuing Education Tracking
VIEWS Newsletter received by RID members
EPS Ethical Practices System
SIG Special interest Groups
CSC Comprehensive Skills Certificate (this test is no longer available as of 1987)
CI/CT Certificate of Interpretation / Certificate of Transliteration (These test are no longer available)
SC-L Specialist Certificate: Legal
OIC/OTC Oral Interpreting Certificate (this test is no longer available)/ Oral Transliteration Certificate
CDI Certified Deaf Interpreter
NIC Certified Scored within the standard range of a professional interpreter on the interview & performance portions of the test, and they have passed the NIC Knowledge exam,
NIC Advanced They scored in the high range of the performance portion, & passed the NIC Knowledge exam; & scored within the standard range of a professional interpreter on the interview portion.
NIC Master They passed the NIC Knowledge exam & scored within the high range of a professional interpreter on both the interview and performance portions of the test.
EIPA Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment
NAD National Association of the Deaf
ACCI Old NAD certification test
QA or QAST Quality Assurance or Quality Assessment State Tests. They are not regarded as certifications by RID, but they are accepted by state agencies.
LTA Local Test Administrators
CC Certification Council
What is the deference between Certified member and Associate member? Associate members do not hold any certificates and are not allowed to vote on anything having to do with certification, evaluation, standards, or ethics.
EPC Ethical Practices Committee
What is the RID Mission Statement? Support the Continued Growth and Development of the Profession
What is the RID Philosophy Statement? Ensure Effective Communication
When did RID first begin the design and implementation of a national certification system? 1972
RID Certified Memeber Make decisions regarding certification
CDI-P Certified Deaf Interpreter – Provisional
William Stokoe A hearing linguist now known as the “father of ASL.” In the 60’s he pushed to have ASL recognized as a language.
VR Vocational Rehab
LRE The Least Restrictive Environment
Which are the differences among A, B, and C language? A language or L1 is a person’s first language. A person’s B language or L2 is acquired by living or interacting frequently with those who speak that language. C Language is a language that a person is aware of but not fluent.
SL & TL Source Language- the language that the message originates in. Target Language – the language that the message is being translated to.
What must one have before being able to interpret? Fluency or a B language understanding in both the SL and the TL.
Bilingual-Bicultural Bilingual meaning having an A and B Language. Bicultural means recognizing that both the A and B Language have its own unique history and culture. Programs with this philosophy are called Bi-Bi
5 RID regions I North East, II South East, III Mid West, IV Central, V Pacific
Education of All Handicapped Children Act. Public Law 94-142 Called for LRE, or the least restrictive environment for deaf students in K-12.
Rehab Act of 1973 Prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability.
VR Act of 1965 Identified sign language interpreting as a service for Deaf clients of vocational rehabilitation for the first time, marking the beginning for paid interpreting opportunities for sign language interpreters in the U.S.
IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)In order to receive federal funds, states must develop and implement policies that assure a free appropriate public education (FAPE) to all children with disabilities.
FAPE free appropriate public education
RSA Grant The Rehabilitation Services Administration oversees grant programs that help individuals with physical or mental disabilities to obtain employment & live more independently. Supports include counseling, medical & psychological services, job training ect.
Interpretation Taking a message from the (SL) source language to the (TL) target language.
Transliteration Taking the message from the (SL) source Language keeping the grammar the same and changing only to words to the (TL) Target Language.
Translation Taking a frozen text from a (SL) source Language to a (TL) Target Language.
Created by: Judyhorn2
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