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These questions and games will all pertain to the NIC performance and interview.

There are three domains to the interview portion of the test. In domain one the interpreter should identify the following. Describe comprehensively and clearly the problem. State the conflict with the situation and the CPC/policy/laws in place. Explain the perspective of the parties involved.
There are three domains to the interview portion of the test. In domain two the interpreter should identify the following. Present successful solution(s). Reasoning influenced by past and present practices. Resources to support that solution. Perspectives of the parties in regards to those solutions.
There are three domains to the interview portion of the test. In domain three the interpreter should identify the following. Short term effects. Long term effects. Implications of the solutions ie: cultural, political, or sociological.
Betty Colonomus and her CVR model explains what? Perceive and understand the meaning of a message. Discard the wording. Production of the message into target language.
Dennis Cokley's message is that we do what as interpreters? Understand the meaning and add the appropriate sociolinguistic accuracy.
Sandra Gish teaches what? To interpret we need to understand the message, add the sociolinguistic accuracy, as well as the speaker's intent and goals for the meaning in the message.
Theresa Smith emphasizes what for interpreters? Make it REAL! Chose appropriate colloquial phrases, technical or specialized words. Sound human!
Cecelia Wadensjo emphasizes what for interpreting? Interpret as Interaction. People come together for a function. Understand the function as well as the interpreters involved.
Created by: jennkolling
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