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a&p II

In the Spiral organ of corti, the upper chamber is known as? Scala Vestibuli
To which " layer" of the eye does the iris belong? Vascular Layer
From what compound are all steroid hormones made? Cholesterol
Which hormone generally increase metabolic rate? Thyroid Hormones
Which type of hormones directly enter the cells nucleus where they combined with their receptors and bind with the DNA to turn the genes on or off ? Steroid
These specialized fatty acids cause pain associated with ovulation ? Prostaglandins
Produced by platelets, these fatty acids aid in blood clotting? Thromboxane
Give the major functions for oxytocin Uterine contractions and release of milk from mammary glands
Natural opium-like pain killer made by your body? Beta Endorphin and Enkephalin
The outer clear layer of the eye is known as the ? Cornea
A dark brown/ black layer surrounding most of the eye which prevents, light scatter within? Choroid
Which of three layers of the retina is the closet to the light source (lines the inside of the vitreous chambers) Ganglion Cells
The hole through the iris through which light must pass? Pupil
The muscle which contracts or closes the pupil ? Sphincter Pupillae
The large chamber in the back of the eye filled by a gelatinous material? Posterior segment Or Vitreous Chambers
During close-in focusing, do the zonule fibers contract or loosen? Loosen
To which layer of the eye does the cillary muscle belong ? Vascular Layer
Another name for the suspensory ligament is? Ciliary Zonule
which of the photoreceptor cells are most numerous in the macula lutea Cones
The cord-like structures that hold the lens in place are known as ? Ciliary Zonule or Suspensory ligament
Where is Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (Gnash) produced? Hypothalamus
Which type of diabetes melitius is associated with ketoacidosis ? Type 1
Which hormone reduces plasma calcium levels? Calcitonin
a term that indicates a function similar to endocrine except they have their effects on the very same cell? Autocrine
Other than mast cells, what cells produce leukotrienes Leukocytes
These specialized fatty acids cause uterine coontraction? These specialized fatty acids cause pain associated with the menstrual cycle? & Endometriosis ? Prostaglandins
Produced by leukocytes and mast cells, these fatty acids regulate the immune system and the inflammatory process? Leukotriene
Which enzymes is inhibited by the NsAids? Cyclooxygenase
Which hormone causes the release of prolactin ? PRH- Prolactin releasing hormones
Which compound deactivates G Proteins? Guanosine Di phosphate
Which Thyroid disease is associated with heat intolerance ? Hyperthyroidism
Deafness due to the blockage of the pathway that sounds travel known as? Conduction Deafness
In the spiral organ of the corti, the floor of scala vestibuili or roof of cochlear duct is known as? Vestibular
Do the pupils constrict or dilate in response to distant focusing ? Dilate
A system of chemical reactions by which a hormone is able to transfer its influence first to a receptor, then to a series of intracellular proteins which will result in the desired effect of the hormones? Second Messenger System
Which enzyme is activated by cyclic adenosine mono-phosphate (cAMP) Protein Kinase A
Which hormone causes the release of adrencortictropic hormones? (CRH) Corticotropin Releasing Hormone
Which hormone causes the production of erythrocytes ? Erythroprotein
Elevated plasma glucose levels sis known as? Hyperglycemia
A group of long fatty acids that are physiologically active and behave as hormones ? Eicosanoids
absence or lack a-
departing from; away from ab-
-able to , capable of -able
referring to -ac
extreme or extremity; peak ac-
hearing acou-
extreme or extremity ; peak acro-
to or toward adorbital, toward the orbit ad-
gland aden-
gland adeno-
toward the kidney adren
air aero-
toward af-
contest or oppose each other agon-
axis, axle aid-
white alb-
pain in a certain part -algia
nourish aliment-
of one another allel-
on both sides; of both kinds amphi-
absence or lack an-
apart, up, again ana-
come together anastomos-
another name for corticotropin? ACTH - ADRENOCORTICOTRPOIC
a pathological increase in thyroid hormone is known as? Hyperthyroidism
a general term for male hormone? Androgen
what is the major function of thyroid hormone? Generally increases the metabolic rate
what is the major function of prolactin ? Causes the mammary glands to produce milk
which types of Diabetes mellitus is more common? Type II
a term that indicates a function similar to endocrine except they have their effects nearby... just a few cells away Paracrine
these specialized fatty acids cause pain associated with headaches ? Prostaglandins
the " first messenger" in the transmission of a human effect deep into the cells Hormones
hyper-tonic blood has what effect on blood pressure? Increased
compounds secreted in one location and having their effects at relatively far off locations Hormones
specifically which cells and gland produce calcitonin Para follicular Cells of Thyroid Gland
where is prolactin inhibition hormone (pih) produced? Hypothalamus
the most common cause of end stage renal failure in the western world is due to which disease? Diabetes Mellitus
where in the brain is beta enkephalin? Anterior Pituitary Gland
a molecule on the intracellular side of a receptor that transmits the hormones chemical effect deep into the cells Second Messenger
which hormone causes various cells to release insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I)? Growth Hormone (GH)
which type of diabetes is " insulin Independent"? Type II
which hormone causes the deposition (building) of the bone? Calcitionin
what is the major effect of parathyroid hormone (PTH) on bone ? Activates Osteclastic Resorption Of Bone
an example of an enzymes that phosphorylates another enzyme is ? Protein Kinase A
how does insulin effect the plasma glucose levels? Reduces It
a hormone that causes the pancreas to release bicarbonate ions into the duodenum ? Secretin
decreasing the number of receptors in the cell membrane is known as? Down-Regulation
hyper-tonic blood has what effect on the tissue? Dehydration
in order for a hormone to have its effect, it must have a "_________" in the target cells Receptor
what is the major function of corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH)? Release of Corticotropin
hormones generally belong to which two major classification of organic compounds? Lipids and Protein
in which structures of the pancreas are the beta cells form ? Islets of Langerhans
What happens to the photoreceptors cell membranes once the cation channels close? Hyper polarization
What organ release glucose in response to glucagon? Liver
What is another name for " adult onset" diabetes? Type II
What is the major effect of calcitonin on bone? Activates osteoblastic deposition of bone
Another name for t4 is? Thyroxin
A clinical condition resulting from deficient production thyroid hormone ? Hypothyroidism
For close in focusing, do the eyes converge medially or are they directed straight ahead? Converge medially
Name the two structures that make up fibrous layer of the eye? Sclera & Cornea
The process by which light breaks down rhodopsin ? Bleaching
Which compound is broken down by light in the photoreceptors ? Rhodopsin
The common name for hyperthyroidism ? Graves D
Hyperglycemia causes the blood to become "hypertonic" or" hypotonic" ? Hypertonic
A disease marked by the autoimmune destruction of the insulin receptor throughout the body? Type II diabetes mellitus
The part of the eye which gives the eyes their extremely seen color? Iris
The small finger-like protrusion from the ciliary body? Ciliary Processes
To which "layer" of the eye do the rods belong? Inner
Equilibrium receptors in the ampulla of the semicircular duets composed of groups of hair cells are known as? Crista Ampullaris
What is the major function of leptin? Inhibits Appetite
Where is parathyroid hormone (PTH) produced? Parathyroid Gland
What is age-relegated name for type II diabetes? Adult Onset
From what molecule are all steroid hormones derived? Cholesterol
What is the process in which glucose is produced from non-carbohydrates such as proteins (amino acids) and fats? Gluconegenesis
Which hormone inhibits the release of growth hormone? Somatostatin
Which hormone from the adrenal cortex causes the release of fatty acids into the blood? Cortisol
A group of physiologically active , ringed fatty acids? Eicosanoid
A protein activated by guanosine triphosphate binding? G Protein
Where is corticosteroid releasing hormone (CRH) produced? Hypothalamus
The point where the image is the most focused? Fovea Centralis
What compound destroys cyclic guanosine mono phosphate ? Phosphodiesterase
How does rhodopsin effect the eyes? Makes them more sensitive to light
An inflammation of the tympanic cavity or middle ear is known as? Otitis Media
Which of the autonomic nervous systems stimulates the dilator pupillae? Sympathetic
The muscle which opens or widens the pupils ? Dilator pupillae
The ciliary process and muscles make up what structure? Ciliary Body
Durning distant focusing, do the zonule fibers tighten or loosen? Tighten
Where is the primary visual center of the brain located? Occipital Lobe
A condition caused when the ossicles fuse together or to the oval window is known as? Otosclerosis
A term that indicates a gland that produces hormones? Endocrine
Which compound activates G proteins ? Guanosine Triphosphate
What are the major functions for ADH/AVP? Water Retention & Vasoconstriction
a disease marked by a deficiency in functioning anti-diuretic hormones receptors? Nefrogenic Diabetes Inspidus
Which thyroid disease is associated with the production of antibody which stimulate the thyroid stimulating hormone receptors? Hyperthyroidism
How do hypercortisolism effect adipose tissue? Increases
What effect does the down-regulation of its receptors have on the sensitivity that cell demonstrates towards a specific hormone. Decreases
Which type of diabetes is "insulin dependent"? Type I
Another name for thyroxin ? T4
Which enzyme is responsible for the production of Ip3? Phospholipase C
What is the major product of the pineal gland during the day? Serotonin
The number one cause of neuropathy in the western world is due to which disease? Diabetes Mellitus
these specialized fatty acids are involved in blood clotting? Prostaglandins
where is thyrotropin releasing hormone produced? Hypothalamus
what effect does the up-regulation of its receptors have on the sensitivity that a cell demonstrates towards a specific hormone? Increases
where is oxytocin (ot) produced? Hypothalamus
which structure of the brain leads to the pineal body/glands? Suprachiasmatic nucleus
what type of frequency travels the least distance in the cochlea? High Frequency
stone like structures which float in gel and settle due to gravity to stimulates hair cells? Otoliths
the area where the optic nerve exits the eye is known as ? Optic disc or Blind spot
in the spiral organ of corti, the chamber is known as? Cochlear Duct or Scala Media
Receptors such as touch pressure and stretch , are known as? Mechanoreceptors
in the photo receptors this compounds binds to and locks open special cation channels ? Cyclic Quanosine Mono phosphate or cGMP
a function which detects body positions while stationary is known as? Static Equilibrium
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