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HA&P Chapter 5

Words for chapter 5

adip- fat
adipose tissue tissue that stores fat
chondr- cartilage
chondrocyte cartilage cell
-cyt cell
osteocyte bone cell
epi- upon
epithelial tissue tissue that covers all free body surface
-glia glue
neuroglia cells that bind nervous cells together
inter- between
intercalated disk band between cardiac muscle cells
macro- large
macrophage large phagocytic cell
oss- bone
osseous tissue bone tissue
pseudo- false
pseudostratified tissue whose cells appear to be in thin layers, but are not
squam- scale
squamos epithelium tissue whose cells appear flattened or scalelike
strat- layer
stratified epithelium tissue whose cells occur in layers
cartilage type of connective tissue in which cells are within lecunae and separated by a semisolid matrix
connective tissue one of the basic types of tissue that includes bone, cartilage, and loose connective tissue
fibroblast cell that produces fibers in connective tissues
muscle tissue contractile tissue consisting of filaments of actin and myosin, which slide past each other, shortening cells
nervous tissue neurons and neuroglia
neuroglial cell specialized cell of the nervous system that produces myelin, communicates between cells, and maintains the ionic environment
neuron nerve cell
osteocyte mature bone cell
osteon cylinder-shaped unit containing bone cells that surround and osteonic canal; Haversian system
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