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Auricular CRAP

Week by week, adding to useless memorization burden

Rectum On end of Helix, above Supratragic notch. At same level as Large Intestine point.
Uretha At the level of the LB of the INFERIOR Antihelix "Crus." At same level as Bladder point.
External Genitalia At level of UPPER BORDER of INFERIOR Antihelix Crus
Ear Apex aka Er Jian When the ear is bent forward, the point is at the tip of the fold on superior aspect of ¨helix" (CAM says "tip of auricle SUPERIOR TO helix, "when folded toward tragus")
Ear Apex/Er Jian Clears Heat, Expels Wind, Relieves Pain, Invigorates Blood, Antiinflammatory, Pacifies Liver and lower BP, Sedates, Improves Vision, Antiallergic
Ear Apex/Er Jian fever, sore throat, irritability, upper body pain, HA, toothache, migraine, arthritis, pain, respiratory tract infection, eye inflammation, HTN, neurasthenia, dizziness, styes, other diseases of eye
Ear Apex/Er Jian CONTRAINDICATION/CAUTION: Hypotension or low BP
Liver Yang At the center of the "Auricular Tubercle"
Liver Yang Liver Yang XS, LQS, occipital HA, chronic hepatitis
Helix 1 wrist
Helix 2 elbow
Helix 3 shoulder
Helix 4 neck
Helix 5 ear/otitis
Helix 6 tonsilitis
Helices 1-3 Acute conditions or Excess Heat
Helices 4-6 Chronic conditions or Deficiency Heat
Helices 1-6 From the LB of the Auricular Tubercle (Liver Yang) to the MIDPOINT of the LB of the Auricular LOBULE (ear lobe)
Created by: mrbarr