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1000 Splendid Suns

WSHS - 1000 Spendid Suns - People and Terms to Know - Long/Tedder

Koran the main Islamic book of worship
Deh Mazang the district of Kabul where Laila lived
tandoor a communal cooking oven
Bamiyan the place where the Buddha statues were located
Taliban a group who forbade laughing, singing, and dancing
Ghazi Stadium the place where lawbreakers were put to death
Alonya Tariq's goat
harami a child who is born out of wedlock
Shari'ia a strict code of law forced on Afghani citizens
Peshawar Pakistan city where refugee camps were located
Murree the city where Tariq and Laila worked at a hotel
burqa the clothing worn tom completely cover a woman
Herat the city Jalil lived in; Mariam grew up outside of here
Pinocchio the film Marion wanted to see in Jalil's theater
pebbles they represented Mariam's half siblings
Benz the car Laila was compared to
Kabul the capital city of Afghanistan; Rasheed lives there
kolba a simple house or hut-like structure
Titanic City the dry river bed during the drought
Volga the car Mariam was compared to
Aziza Laila and Tariq's daughter
Hamza the mullah's son - he gave Laila Mariam's inheritance
Hasina Laila's friend; married and moved to Germany
Laila teacher at an orphanage; mother of 3
Babi he was focused on an education for Laila; blown up
Noor one of Mammy's sons
Nana Mariam's mother; hung herself
Massoud Mammy's hero; leader of resistance to Soviets
Abdul Sharif the man hired by Rasheed to lie about Tariq's death
Mariam she was called a harami
Tariq prisoner in Pakistan; drug smuggler
Sayeed owner of hotel; gave Tariq a job
Auntie Painter Laila's Communist teacher
Zalmai Rasheed's son
Giti Laila's friend; blown up by a missile
Jalil Khan the owner of a movie theater
Zaman the director of the orphanage
Rasheed owner of a shoe shop
Mammy Laila's mother; severly depressed
Mullah Faizullah Mariam's childhood teacher and friend
Created by: ktedder