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Ch1 VC2

To Tell When and where you did something/describe a place in the past

Adorer to love
Aller à la pêche to go fishing
Attraper un poisson to catch a fish
Le bord de la mer seashore
La champagne countryside
Camper to camp
La canne à pêche fishing rod
Les chaussures de randonnée (f) hiking shoes
La demipension room with breakfast and 1 meal
Faire de la randonnée to go hiking
La gourde canteen
L’hôtel (m) hotel
La lotion anti moustiques insect repellent
La montagne mountina
Partir en vacances to go on vacation
La pension complete room with three meals included
La plance à voile surfboard
Rendre visite à to visit (a person)
Le retour return
Le sac à dos a backpack
Le sac de couchage sleeping bag
Le sac de voyage traveling bag
Une semaine week
Utiliser to use
Le soir every evening
Quand when
Tou les jours every day
Tous les Deux jours every other day
C’était it was
Il faisait the weather was
Il y avait there were
Me rappelait/rappelalent reminded me of
Created by: lindypony101