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Quotes for Frontline categorised into topics.

D Don't underestimate our viewers, Brian. I've made a career of it, Mike. LCD
N Not at 6:30, screaming kids, husband to feed. LCD
M Meet the Queen Mum LCD
O Our audience simply doesn't have the concentration span. LCD
T There is an ancient current affairs recipe. Simply take any news story, add sex and stir. LCD
J Johnny, I got a lot of people here a little depressed because the war just ended. Can we please have a new song. LCD
A A pub brawl in Manly is better than a massacre of millions if you've got the vision. Story Selection
T Telecom is a major sponsor of this network and we didn't want to jeopardise that relationship Story Selection
I It's a leso story Story Selection
D Do not allow personal interest, or any belief, commitment, payment, gift or benefit to undermine your accuracy, fairness or independance Story Selection
D Do not allow advertising or other commercial concerns to undermine fairness, accuracy or independence Story Selection
W Where was she when you asked that question, the Gold Coast? Editing
C Check up or check out Editing
L Leave it with the doctor Editing
H Holed up, Cache of weapons Editing
V Visual manipulation Editing
A A comedy about truth, justice and other special effects Editing
P Present pictures and sound which are accurate Editing
V Version three: smart look. What's that supposed to be? CoP
I I want the women of Australia to fall in love with this guy. Mike, you got a bit of salad on your face. CoP
H He wants to know if he can stop at McDonald's CoP
Y You know you're gonna have to laugh in your noddies? CoP
I It's like Woodford and Redford CoP
T The President will be a hero, he bought peace. But there was never a war. All the greater accomplishment. CoP
Created by: s.pettigrove
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