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Unit 1.02 Bro


Gross Domestic Product Exp: GDP indicates the health and growth of an economy. If the GDP for a country is steadily increasing, this is usually an indication of higher demands for goods and services. A higher demand for goods and services results in more goods.
GDP Per Capita A measure of a countries output that takes the GDP and divides it by the number of people in the country
Productivity The measure of the effeciency of workers, or the ratio of the output to the goal/ needed amount, usually measured by hour (what a worker produces in a hour)
Personal Income The total compensation recived by a person from diffrent sources, hourly wages, salaries, loans, bonuses, ect.
Retail sales A combined measure of sales of retailed goods over a set period of time, the sale from a fixed location to a consumer
Capital projects Capital products are renovations, restorations, expansions, or replacements of existing facitities
Stock A type of security that signifies the ownership in a corporation and represents a clain on part of the corporation's assetes and earnings
CPI A index of the cost of G and S to a typical consumer based on the cost of the same goods and services at a base price.
Inflaton Rate (Change in the price index/ Initial price index) x 100
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