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Conditions in OT

OTH2410 Ch 1 (Mech of Disease) -key terms, vocabulary JS

What is Carcinogenic? A substance that produces cancer or that causes transformation of a normal cell to a cancerous one
What is Ischemia? Holding back or obstructing the flow of blood. This will cause an inflammatory response.
What is Metastasis? Spreading of a malignant disease (ie:cancer)or pathogenic microorganisms from one organ or part to another not directly connected w/it.
What is Mutation? A variation or change in genetic structure
What is Genotype? This is the "internally coded, inheritable info carried by all living organisms -Blueprint or set of instructions for building & maintaining a living creature -The sum of total genes transmitted from parent to offspring
What is an Allergen? An ordinarily harmless substance An antigenic substance capable of producing an allergic response in the body ie: Inhalants: dust, mold, fungi, foods, drugs, chemicals Physical agents: heat, cold, radiation
What is an Antigen? any cell, molecule, or protein (substance) that ur body thinks is foreign- Anything that's not YOU & wants to fight it by producing antibodies(immune syst)
What is Pathogenesis? The development of disease (occurs in stages); Pathologic mechanisms
What is Homeostasis? A state of equilibrium w/in the body. Internal stability
What is Asymptomatic? Without symptoms
What is Anaphylaxis? A severe allergic, systemic reaction that causes sudden breathing difficulty characterized by redness, itching, swelling & water buildup. These reactions can lead to shock or death
What is a Chromosome? pieces of DNA. structures in the nucleus of a cell that function in the transmission of genetic info. a collection of related genes. 46 per human/23 pairs
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