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Romeo and JuliMarino

Eng 9 voc

Mutiny Open rebellion against authority, especially rebellion of sailors against superior officers
Strife Bitter conflict
Tyrant An absolute ruler
Beseeming To be appropriate for; befit
Shrift Confession to a priest
chastity being pure or chaste
forsworn deny; renounce under oath
posterity future generations collectively; all descendants of one person
warrant authorization or certification
conjure produce or bring up as by magic
idolatry worship; the religious worship of idols
forsake abandon
chide scold
beshrew to curse
conceit a high opinion of one's own abilities or worth
piteous deserving pity; pathetic
carrion dead or decaying flesh
ascend to move upward
inauspicious not favorable
martyr one who suffers a lot to further a cause or belief
surcease to bring or come to an end
obsequies a funeral rite or ceremony
amorous strongly attracted or disposed to love
minion teacher's pet
calamity a disaster
Created by: sheilah setti



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