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act Latin, to act
alt Latin, high
anima/anim Latin, life/mind
ann/enn Latin, year
anthrop Greek, man
aqua Latin, water
arch/archi greek, govern/role
arm Latin , army/weapon
arbitr/arbiter Latin, Judge
art Latin, craft/skill
arthr/art Latin, segment/joint
aud Latin, listen/noise
bell Latin, war
biblio/bibl Greek, book
bio Greek, Life
Capit/Cipit Latin, head
Cause Latin, cause/case/lawsuit
cede Latin, to go/yield
cele Latin, honor
cell Latin, to rise/project
cent Latin, 100
cept, ceive Latin, grasp
cert Latin, trust
cess, ced Latin, to move
cid, cis Latin, cut off
circum, circ Latin, around
civ Latin, citizen
claud, claus Latin, close/block
clin Latin, lean/lie
cog Latin, to know
column Latin, a column
comput Latin, to compute
cont Latin, to join
cord/corc Latin, heart
corp Latin, body
cosm Greek, world
crac/crat Greek, govern
cred Latin, beleive
crit Latin, seperate
culp Latin, Blame
curs Latin, to run
custom Latin, one's own
dem Greek, people
dent Latin, tooth
derm greek, skin
dic/dict Latin, say/speak
duct/duc Latin, read/draw
dur Latin, harden/hold out
ego Latin, I
ethn Greek, nation
equ Latin, equal
fac/fic Latin, make go
famil Latin, family
fen Latin, to strike
fer Latin, to carry
fid Latin, trust
fin Latin, end
flu Latin, flow
form Latin, shape
fort Latin, chance
frig Latin, cool
fum Latin, smoke
gam Greek, marriage
gen Latin, race
geo Greek, earth
gno/kno Greek, to know
grad Latin, step
graph/gram Greek, draw
grat Latin, pleasure
grav Latin, heavy
gymn greek, naked
hab Latin, to have
hom Latin, man
hosp Latin, guest
host Latin, enemy
hygeine Greek, art of health
hydro Greek, Water
hypno Greek, sleep
init Latin, begin
Created by: AdrianWHS