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Web page design

Internet is the hardware
Web is the software
The most basic component of the web
Web browser software interprets tags to display the web pages on a computer screen
URL uniform Resource Lactor
What did the US government think the us Department of defense in the 1960s developed a network of computers
what did the department of defense develope they developed a network of computers with various universities and defense contactors
ARPANET Advanced research projects Agency
Who created the first GUI A scientist named Tim Berners-Lee in 1990
when did the GUI browser brcome available in 1993
what happened in 1994 the world wide web consortium or w3c was founded
Protocol Defined A set of the rules and procedures that specify how data are formatted and transmitted between computer system
TCP/IP transmisson Control Protocal/ Internet Protocol; standard for transmitting data over network
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol; HTTP defines how messages are formatted and transmitted
FTP files transfer protocol the protocol for exchanged files over the internet
what happened in 1993 first graphical web browser
who developed Mosaic Joseph Hardin and Dave Thompson
where did joseph and dave develope Mosaic National Center for Supercomputer Applications
Intrantet private network- members or employees with an organization
extranet private network business partners and customers
linear web pages in a straight line
Heirarchical Web pages in a tree-like structure
Webbed no set oraganization
broad home page is the main/index page and all pages are linked
Created by: saige1287