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Canterbury Tales

WSHS - English 12 - Canterbury Tales - Nichols/Tedder

Knight fought in 15 battles because he thinks it is the right thing to to, thanks God, very generous, doesn't care about his appearance
Nun big chest, wears make up, has many dogs that she cares about more than God, speakes French cuss words
Monk wears fur, hunts, a modern thinker, he disobeys his vows
Friar a big man, a good dresser, drinks, sleeps with prostitutes (gets them pregnant and then gives them a pocket knife, lustful and corupt,
Cleric skinny, wears thread baron clothes, likes to read and study, his is quiet but lazy, wants to stay in college his whole life
Wife of Bath large woman with gapped teeth, married 5 times, has been on several pilgramages, experienced in romance, very talkative, very concerned about her looks
Parson walks with a cane, poor, tries to lead by example, visits the sick and poor, very devote
Miller a big man, has a hairy wort on his nose, cheats people oout of their money, tells dirty jokes, loud and greedy
Reeve buys supplies form the farmers, short and skinny, has a beard, he steals from his boss but never gets caught, paranoid
Pardoner long blond hair, goat voice, feminine, greedy, he takes brides for pardons
Merchant talked about money and what a good business man he is but he is fake and lies, he is in debt
Franklin wore a dager, has a white beard like Santa, he likes to eat and dring, he is cheerful and happy
Cook has an ulcer on his knee, puts his pus in the chicken dish, disgusting
Plowman wore a jacket, carted dung, doesn't complain, he is honest, hardworking, and generous
Summoner has boils on his face, he stinks, he gives people their court dates, he takes bribes, dishonest
Squire the Knights son, very concerned about his looks, likes to fight for the ladies
Manciple couldn't read, bought supplies for the law school
Harry Bailey the host of the pilgramage, he owns the inn
Created by: ktedder



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