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Exercises 1-3

Test for friday 9-7-12

Default standard setting or mose of operation
View the way a document is displayed on screen
Elements Icons, buttons, and other items that are part of an on screen interface
Undo Command for reversing a previous action
Redo Command for reversing the Undo command
Personal Business document A document used to communicate information between and individual and a company
Paragraph Mark a nonprinting character inserted in a document to indicate where a paragraph ends
Word Wrap A feature that causes text to move automatically from the end of one line to the beginning of the next line
Extensible Markup Language (XML) a file format that is compatible across differnt platforms, provides improved security and smaller files
Business document A professional document used to communicate information within a company or between one company and another
Nonprinting chracters Characters suc as paragraph marks and tab symbols that are not printed in a document but that can be displayed on the screen
Insertion point the flashing vertical line that indicaates where the next action will occur in a document on screen
Press release a short document sed to provide information about a company, organization, or event to the media
Horizontal alignment the positon of text on a line in relation to the left and right margins
Hard Copy a document printed on paper
Media Outlet a means of mass communication, such a a newspaper, magazine, telivison station, radio station, or a web site
Mini toolbar A toolbar that displays in the document area when you select text, providing quick, convient access to common text editing and formatting commands
Thesaurus A listing of words with synonyms and antonyms
Synonyms words with the same meaning
Smart tag feature of most Microsoft Office 2007 programs that lets you perform actions within Word that you would normally have to open another application to accomplish. For example, you can add a person's name and address to an outlook contact list using a smart
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