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Computer Data

how a computer processes data

System Components If possible, use a real motherboard to talk about system components. If not available, use a large diagram. If you have a motherboard available, point to an expansion slot and show how a board fits into the slot.
The Central Processing Unit Describe the CPU and explain that it also is referred to as the microprocessor, processor, or central processor. Try to find a chip to show students. You may want to put it in a bug jar so that students can see it magnified. If a bug jar is not available,
The Arithmetic/Logic Unit Emphasize that the computer can only do two things—arithmetic operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide) and comparisons (greater than, less than, equal to). Arithmetic operations and comparisons take place in the ALU. Show an example of the ASCII code.
The Control Unit The control unit coordinates all of the CPU’s activities. Computer programming languages are used to communicate with the computer and provide instructions. The programming language is changed into binary format (also called machine language). Describe ho
Memory Explain that there are two types of memory—long term (permanent) and short term (volatile). If you have access to memory chips, pass them around so students can look at them.
Basic Controllers The motherboard also contains several controllers. This device controls the transfer of data to and from peripheral devices such as keyboards, monitors, printers, and so on.
Expansion Slots and Ports Motherboards contain expansion slots. Expansion boards (adapter cards) are inserted into these slots. Many of these cards contain connectors or ports used to connected different devices to the computer. For example, the cable from your monitor and keyboar
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