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History chp 3

Where is Roanoke located? North Carolina
Why was Roanoke important? It was the first settlement
Why is Roanoke called the lost colony? The settlers disappeared and were never found again
What was the only clue left of the Roanoke colony? Croatoan
Where is Jamestown located? Virginia
Why is Jamestown important? It was the first permanent settlement.
How did Pocahontas save Jamestown? She married John Smith;Created peace between the Native Americans and the Jamestown colony.
How did John Rolfe save Jamestown? He married Pocahontas.
How did John Smith save Jamestown? He made people work;He was a great leader.
What was the most important crop in Jamestown? Tobacco
What are the four New England Colonies? Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire
What was the most common theme in the New England region? Religion.
Why did we draw "Da Boot" for the New England region? People were "booted" for believing in a different religion.
What is a separatist? Someone who wanted to leave or separate from the church of England.
What is a Puritan? Someone who wanted to change or purify the church of England.
What city did the pilgrims land in? Plymouth
What city and colony did the Puritans land in? Boston, Massachusetts.
What's the great migration? When the puritans came to Massachusetts.
Why did people leave or get kicked out of Massachusetts? The leaders of Massachusetts had no tolerance for people with different beliefs.
Who is the founder of Rhode Island? Roger Williams.
Why is Rhode Island important? It was the first place in America where people could worship freely.
Why is the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut important? It was the first written constitution in America.
Who the founder of New Hampshire? John Wheelwright.
What are the four middle colonies? Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware.
Why did we draw "Da Bread" for the middle colonies? The middle colonies grew a lot of wheat/grain crops.
What is a proprietary colony? The proprietor of the colony owns all of the land and controls the government.
Why was New York more prosperous then New Jersey? New York had a better harbor.
Which colony had a diverse population? New York.
Who was the founder of Pennsylvania and what religious group did he belong to? William Penn;Quakers
Name two beliefs of Quakers. 1)Everyone is equal 2)They need to clergy to guide them
What's a pacifist? Someone who believes in no violence.
What are the five southern colonies? Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina
Why did we draw "Da Crown" for the southern colonies? James Oglethorpe wanted to be king.
Which Colony was created as a safe place for Catholics? Maryland
The ______-______ line separates Maryland from ________ Mason-Dixon, Pennsylvania
Why did Nathaniel Bacon lead a rebellion in Virginia? He did not like the way William Berkeley was ruling.
Of the 2 Carolinas, which one was more successful and why? South Carolina was more successful because of it's great harbor and land.
Name 2 reasons why Georgia was created. 1)Protection for South Carolina from Florida 2)A fresh start for poor people
Why was James Oglethorpe called "Our Perpetual Dictator"? He was very strict;Banned slavery, rum, and Catholics.
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