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C2 Vocabulary 0514

Graphics Tablet Draw on the electronic tablet to transfer the image to the computer.
Classroom Response System Handheld remote to give students a way to answer questions.
Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Different types of monitors.
Resolution Clarity of the image on the computer screen.
Dots Per Inch (DPI) The measure of the resolution on printers.
Document Cameras Project images of whatever is in the viewing area.
CD-R Compact Disk-Recordable Allows to store things once.
CD-RW Compact Disk-Rewritable Allows to record and also edit information.
External Hard Drive Connected to computer through cables, allows for large quantities of data to be moved from one place to another.
Firewire Ports Allows for a fast connection to transfer large amounts of data quickly.
Refreshable Braille Display Transcribes sentences from the computer screen to a device with pins to help blind people.
Adjustable Wand or Stick Allows for students who cannot reach the keyboard to strike keys
Electronic Pointing Device Device to allow people to move the cursor around.
Internal Storage Storage within the computer.
Mouse Device to click things on the screen.
Created by: Scottm2010