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C2 Vocabulary 008

Application Software Allows the computer to carry out specific functions, such as word processing.
Refreshable Braille Display A device that presents a line of text from the screen in Braille format by raising pinpoints under a membrane. The pinpoints are cleared when the next line of text is displayed.
Speech output software Audibly speaks screen content and commands.
Blu-ray disc A disc which a blue laser burns the information on to it.
Parallel ports Developed by IBM and used to connect a computer to a printer.
Firewire (IEEE 1394) Provides a very fast connection to transfer large amounts of data quickly.
Ethernet port Used for high-speed connection to the internet or another network, such as intranet.
Hard disk drive Holds large amounts of information and is significant in the purchasing decision of a new computer system.
cd-roms (compact disc-read-only memory) are removable and hold approx 650 MB of information.
Lumens The brightness of light projection.
Dots per inch (dpi) Printer resolution measurement.
Resolution the clarity of the image that is seen on the computer screen.
Pixel A single colored square on the screen.
Braille translator a software product that converts text, wither obtained by scanning or produced by a word processor, into braille.
PAC mate A PDA designed for blind or low-vision users.
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