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Raymond's Run

Vocabulary Terms

impediment something that stands in one's way; an obstacle
relay a race in which each side uses several team members to complete the race
clutch to grasp and hold tightly
prodigy a person with an exceptional talent
sidekick a close friend
periscope a tube-shaped optical device that lets one see into an area beyond the area he or she is in; used by submarines to see above the surface of the water
rising action consists of the conflicts and complications that the main character faces
climax the greatest point of interest in a story, or the turning point
falling action provides the resolution of the conflict
hydrocephalus a disorder which can be caused by an infection, tumor, major head injury, or a malformation of the brain before birth; symptoms of this medical condition include a swelling of the head caused by too much fluid collecting in the skull
Created by: mmuindi05