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C2 Vocabulary 048

Input Device A device that allows the input of data into a computer (i.e. mouse, keyboard, scanner, camera, etc.)
Equitable access Condition that claims a need for "robust and reliable access to current and emerging technologies and digital resources with connectivity for all students, teachers, staff, and school leaders."
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange. A binary code system that reads out in a series of zeros and ones.
Cache Pronounced as cash, this is a temporary storage area that provides a quick access to information
Optical Character Recognition Software that converts text from an input device to a computer, such as a scanner.
Pixel A single colored square on a computer screen
DPI Dots per inch; resolution measurement for printers
Hard Copy A readable, permanent copy of output data (Print copy)
Lumens Measure of brightness in a projector
Document Camera Type of data projection unit, such as the stand alone cameras in classrooms which project documents and live interaction through a projector
Storage Device A device which allows for the storage of information, such as a hard drive, an external hard drive, USB drive, CD-ROM)
Port An opening in the computer which allows for the connection and communication ability between any device and a computer
Application Software Software that allows for a computer to carry out a specific function, such as word processor, the creation of databases and spreadsheets, etc.)
Speech Output Software Software that audibly speaks screen content and computer commands to blind people
Electronic pointing device A keyboard adaptation that allows the user to control the screen cursor using alternative methods such as ultrasound, infrared beams, eye movements and such
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