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C2 Vocabulary 004 17

How may bits are in a byte? 8 bits; the binary code for one character of data (a letter C or the number 3)
What is a peripheral device? A device that allows for the input, output, or storage of information. Examples include keyboards and scanners (input), monitors and printers (output), and USBs and CD-R's (storage).
What device/feature do both processors and browser software use to provide temporary storage and quick access to information? cache
What does dpi stand for? What does it measure? Dpi stands for dots per inch. It measures printer resolution; the higher the dots per inch the more distinct the text or graphics will appear.
What are key guards and why are they used? Key guards are "hard plastic covers with holes for each key." They help prevent pointing devices and unsteady fingers from hitting unwanted keys.
Name three devices that can help accommodate a student with limited vision. anti-glare filters (reduce glare), monitor mounts (make the screen easy to see), screen magnifier (magnifies the screen).
What does GUI mean? Where is it used? GUI means graphical user interface. It is a term used to describe the style of an operating system that uses menus and icons to represent commands and programs. Mac OS and Windows are examples of GUIs.
How is monitor size measured? How is it different between CRT and LCD screens? Monitor size is measured diagonally from corner to corner. LCD screens are measured inside the casing, while CRT screen measurements include the screen casing.
What is the difference between ROM and RAM? ROM is the permanent internal memory of the computer and is inaccessible by the user- it holds the instructions of the software. RAM is temporary memory used when the computer is on. RAM needed depends on what programs the computer will run.
What is a terabyte? A terabyte is 1024 gigabytes. Or a trillion keyboard characters of information.
What are the three types of digital modems commonly used? How do they connect? The three types of digital modems are ISDN, DSL, and Cable. ISDN and DSL use phone lines to connect, Cable uses a cable line.
How is processor speed expressed? Megahertz (one million cycles per second) or gigahertz (one billion cycles per second)
What is ASCII? ASCII is the American Standard Code for Information Interchange. It is a binary coding system made up of a series of zeros and ones.
What three components make up the CPU? the control unit, the arithmetic logic unit, and the memory unit.
What is a port? A port is an opening on the computer where you can connect peripheral devices. Some ports are specific to specific devices like Ethernet, or microphone cables. Other ports like USB ports are more universal and connect a myriad of devices.
Created by: lrzuschek