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C2 Vocabulary 05 20

Temporary memory designed to hold new data; available only when the computer is turned on. RAM (random access memory)
Made up of a series of zeroes and ones. Divided into units of bit and bytes. coding system for computer. binary coding system (ASCII)
kekboards, mice, scanners, graphic tablets, microphones, digital cameras, web cameras... etc. input devices
A software that converts texts Optical character recognition (OCR)
Type of screens for monitors. Measured including the casing surrounding the screen. CRT (cathode ray tube)
Type of screen for monitors. Measured from inside the casing surrounding the screen. LCD (liquid crystal display)
defines the clarity of the image that is seen on the computer screen. Resolution
Combines a LCD unit with a light source to project an image. Data projection units
Provide easy, universal way to connect an array of devices and provide faster transfer of information to printers, scanner...etc. USB ports
Clear screens that fit over a computer monitor to reduce glare from the overhead lights and large windows. Anti-glare filters
Allow the placement of the monitor in the most easily seen position Monitor mounts
Audible speaks screen content and commands speech output software
Allow the user to control the cursor using ultrasound, an infrared beam, eye movements, nerve signals, or even brain waves Electronic pointing devices
PDA designed for blind or low-vision users PAC mate
units used to measure the resolution of a printer dots per inch (dpi)
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