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C2 Vocabulary 0313

What is the PAC Mate? A PDA designed for blind or low-vision users.
What is an adjustable wand? A pointing or typing aid, most commonly worn on the head, held in the mouth, attached to the chin, or held in the hand, used by students who cannot use their hands to access the keyboard.
What are moisture guards? Thin sheets of plastic that protect keyboards from spills and any unwanted liquids.
What are keyguards? Hard, plastic covers with holes for each key.
What are anti-glare filters? Clear screens that fit over a computer monitor to reduce glare from overhead lights and large windows.
What is a port? An opening, generally located on the back of the desktop or laptop computer, allowing any device to communicate with a computer system.
What are parallel ports? Developed by IBM and used to connect a computer to a printer, being replaced by USB ports.
What is an ethernet port? Used for high-speed connection to the internet or another network, such as an intranet, or internal network.
What is internal storage? Offered within the computer by way of a computer hard disk drive, or hard drive.
What is a hard disk drive? Holds large amounts of information and is significant in the purchasing decision of a new computer system.
What is an external hard disk drive? Can be connected to the computer through cables, allowing large quantities of data to be moved from one physical location to another.
What is a USB drive? Also called pen, flash, or jump drives, introduced in 2002, and provided great flexibility in mobile storage devices.
What is a portable media player? A portable device that stores and plays audio such as music or podcasts and/or audio and video.
What are data projection units? Combine a liquid crystal display (LCD) unit with a light source.
What are transparencies? Thin sheets of transparent plastic, for use with overhead projectors.
Created by: keb8t6