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C2 Vocabulary 0505

Key Terms from Chapter 2

Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) the sector of the CPU that performs the mathematical calculations that are required in many data processing programs
Cache provides a temporary storage area that provides a quick access to information
CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) a type of technology used in monitors
Pixel a single colored square on the screen - when joined, the image can be viewed
Hard Copy a readable, permanent copy that a printer outputs after the data has been processed
Lumens how the brightness of the projector is measured
Document Cameras display slides, transparencies, text, documents, 3D objects, and microscopic objects
External Hard Disk Drives are connected to a computer through cables and allow large quantities of data to be moved from one physical location to another
CD-R (compact disk - recordable) allows the used to record data once for storage purposes; after information is recorded in cannot be edited
Ethernet port used for high-speed connection to the Internet or another network, such as an intranet, or internal network
Application Software allows the computer to carry out specific functions, such as word processing, creation of databases and spreadsheets, etc.
Instructional Software presents content in tutorial, simulation, instructional game, problem solving, and drill-and-practice forms
Alternative Labels taped or glues to tops of frequently used keys on the standard keyboard. They can be a different color to add visual clarity, or have raised letters to provide tactile feedback to someone using the keys
PAC Mate a PDA designed for blind or low-vision users
Electronic Pointing Devices all the user to control the cursor using ultrasound, an infrared beam, eye movements, nerve signals, or even brain waves
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