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Colonization 2012

mercantilism Trade policy that England should export more than it imports
trustee People who hold responsibility on behalf of others
charter A legal document that grants special rights and privleges
What was the charter of 1732? The charter that established the colony of Georgia, named James Oglethorpe and 20 other british gentlemen interested in charity as trustees
What does Ebenezer mean? "Rock of help"
Artisan Craftsman
Militia Citizen Army
Slave People who had few rights and spent their entire lives in service to others
Garrison A fort where troops are housed
Indigo A blue dye obtained from various plants
Papist A Roman Catholic
Buffer A device or material used as a sheild, cushion, or bumper
Regulation A rule or other order presented by authority
Charity Generous actions or donations to aid the poor, ill, or helpless
Economics The science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, or the material welfare of humankind.
What is Darien? A city near Fort King George (by the Altamaha River)
What is Yamacraw Bluff? An Indian village upstream from where Oglethorpe settled
Who was Mary Musgrove? John Musgrove's wife
Define Indentured Servant: People who agreed to work for someone for a set period of time in return for passage to the New World
Who was Tomochichi? The chief of the Yamacraw indians
What was New Ebenezer? A town at Red Bluff settled by German protestants
Colony A group of people who settle in a new land but keep ties to their homeland
Defense Resistance against attack; protection
Parish In colonial Georgia, a church and British government district
Who was John Reynolds? Georgia's first royal governor
Who was Henry Ellis? Georgia's second royal governor
Which group of settlers wanted slaves? The British
Which incident helped Oglethorpe to invade Florida? The "war" of Jenkin's ear
Who was Sir Robert Montgomery? He proposed the creation of the Margravate of Azilia.
What was the Magravate of Azilia? A colony of 400 square miles between the Savanna and Altamaha Rivers
Who was Robert Castell? Oglethorpe's best friend, he didnt pay his debt and passed away while in jail
Who was Peter Gordon? He gave a status report of Georgia to the trustees in November 1733
What is Savannah? The first capital of Georgia
What is Sunbury? The first masonic meeting was held here
Who were the German Salzburgers? They formed Ebenezer and New Ebenezer
Who were the Scottish Highlanders? They established Darien
What is Fort Frederica? An english fort for defense of Georgia
What was The Ann? A ship that Oglethorpe and 114 other settlers sailed on from England
What is a Royal Colony? A colony ruled by officials responisble of keeping the king in charge from the parent state
What is a proprietary/trust colony? A colony in which a board of trustees governs it
What year did Tomochichi die? 1739
When did the first colonists arrive at Yamacraw Bluff? 1733
What were the 3 purposes for Georgia's charter? Charity, Economics, Defence
What was a fourth reason for the charter? Religion
Did Georgia have an official church? No
What were the borders of Georgia? Altamaha river, Savanna river, and the Pacific ocean
What kind of colony was Georgia? A trustee colony
Georgia was a ------ experiment. Social
How did they raise money for Georgia? Sermons, pamphlets, speeches, newspapers
How many families were selected to go to Georgia? 35
What did the trustees give the families? Land, weapons, tools, seed, food
What did the families do in return for the resources? Clear land, raise crops, build houses and publice structures, follow trustee's rules
What do the 3 people on the Georgia seal represent? The original colonists
What did John Musgrove do? He translated for Oglethorpe and Tomochichi
Did Tomochichi become a friend and ally of Oglethorpe's? Yes
Which colony was the 13th colony? Georgia
Why didn't Robert Montgomery realize his dream of a colony in Georgia? He didn't receive enough money
Who oversaw everything the trustees did? The king
What were the 3 reasons for settlement in Georgia? Charity, defense, economics
What kind of land did each settler get? 5 acres in town, 45 acres in the country
What happened to save the colonists after the ship's doctor died? Dr. Samuel Nunis arrived
How long was Oglethorpe in Georgia? 11 years
What products would be produced in the new colony? Silk, tobacco, rice, and indigo
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