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COTA Histy Lect 2 SM

OTH 1001 Fall 2012 9am SM

What setting did most OT's work in prior to WWII versus after? Psych settings prior versus med & rehab after
When did COTA's first start receiving training/by who? 1944--Army 1 month course
Who developed the first course primarily for mental health in what state? Marion Crampton--Massachusetts (NY WI & PA followed w/in few yrs)
This historical leader served on COTA from it's inception, was president of OATA, Main advocate for Training & support of OT personell Ruth Robinson
This historical leader started the Mass. programs for mental health/state level. 1st mental health OTA training program Marion Crampton
This historical leader from MD worked in TB Hospitals, developed OTA programs & Defined Requirements for OTA'S Mildred Schwagmeyer (she also worked closely w/Wiemer)
What was the 1st approved program to combine psych & general practice in 60's? Duluth Vocational Tech School
OTA's now need what level of study for entry level? OT's? AS degree. Masters.
Who accredits OT's ACOTE--Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education
True/False: Your school does not have to be accredited in order for you to sit for the National Boards. False. Accreditation is required prior to graduation in order to be able to sit for National Board Exam.
What are the responsibilities of the OT versus the OTA? OT is in charge of decision making for the patient: Eval's, Referrals, plan development, Tx conclusion. OTA is responsible for intervention, assisting with making plan for pt.
Created by: RadGirl13