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under nose pain

uni corn
bi larteral
sub under
tran atlantic
hypo dermic
peri around
an aerbic
cardi heart
dent/o teeth
pulmon/o lungs
oste bones
arthr joints
rhin/o nose
gastro stomach
algia pain
itis inflamation
megaly mega
osis bad breath
ectomy surgical removal
cyan/o blue
melan/o black
luek/o white
erythr/o red
poli/o gray
xanth/o yellow
lapar abdominal/cavity
otomy make incision(cut into)
dys bad, difflctt un-oppose of ue-
pnea breath; respiraton
hemat blood
ology Doctor
cardi heart
osteo bone
malacia abnormal/softening of tissue
scope instrument for vrewing
brady slow
laryngo laryx
dysuria pain in urination
cranio cranium
thoraco the chest
renal relating to kidney
nephros kidney
myo muscles
hepat liver
angio blood vessels
hystero uterus
endo inner
neur nerves system
arteno artery
path disease
steno narrowness
cyte cell
necrosis death of cells or tissues
sclerosis hardening tissues
stenosis narrowness
centesis surgical puncture for aspiration to remove fluid
graphy recording
gram record picture
rrhage excessive flow
rrhapy surgical suturing
rrhexis to rupture
rrhea abnormal flow discharge
dynia pain
ic pertaining abnormal
pathy negative feeling
surgical creation
ectomy surgical out exasion
supra above excessive
ab away
ad increase
inter between among
intra within inside
arteri/o relating to an artery
arthr/o relating to the joints limbs
ather/o falty substances(plague)
cephal/o the head
caud/o lower part of the body
coron/o crown
dist/o far
anter/o in front
midsagitt/o from front to back to middle
poster/o back
promxim/o near
trans across
medi/o middle
later/o side
ventr/o belly
dors/o back to body
infer/o low
ankyl/o stuck toghther
chondr/o kytos cels
cost/o the ribs
-desis surgical fixation of bone or joints
kyph/o in hump
lord/o verterbral colum
lysis red blood cells
myel/o the bone marrow
oss/e, oss/I, ost/o, oste/o bone
-poietic formative
scoli/o abnormal lateral curvative of the spine
spondyl/o the vertebraen
-um positive charged redical
ligament/o relating to or of the form structure of all ligamet
synovi/o lubricating fluid secreted by the memdrane lining joints
burs/o brusa
ema condition
ectasis dialation
osmia small
pnea breathing
ptysis spitting
spasm sudden contraction of muscle
ia,dys condition
tachy fast
brady slow
adenoid/o acienoids
alveolio alveolus;small
bronchio bronchial tube
bronchiolo brunchiole
capno carbon dioxide
conio dust
cyan/o blue
epiglotto larynx(voice box)
lobo lobe
mediastino mediastinsm
naso nose
ortho straight
oxo oxygen
pectoro chest
pharyngo throat
phon/o voice;sound
phren/o diaphragm;mind
pleur/o pleura
pneumono lungs;air gas
plumono lungs
rhino nose
sinuso sinus
spiro to breath
telo complete
thorac/o chest
thorax cheat;pieural cavity
tonsilo tonsil
tracheo trachea (windpibe)
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