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Engine Cooling

Engine cooling system FAA written questions

The primary purpose of baffles and deflectors installed around cylinders of air-cooled aircraft engines is to force cooling air into close contact with all parts of the cylinders
What is the purpose of an augmenter used in some reciprocating engine exhaust systems? to aid in cooling the engine
Cracks in cooling fins that do not extend into the cylinder head, may be repaired by removing the affected area and contour filing within limits
Which of the following should a mechanic consult to determine the maximum amount of cylinder cooling fin that could be removed when cracks are found? engine manufacturer’s service or overhaul manual
A bent cooling fin on an aluminum cylinder head should be left alone if no crack has formed
Where are cooling fins usually located on air-cooled engines? cylinder head, cylinder barrel, and inside the piston head
How do cowl flaps aid in cooling a horizontally opposed aircraft engine? controls the amount of air flowing around the cylinders
The position of cowl flaps during normal cruise flight conditions is closed
Generally, a small crack just started in a cylinder baffle may be stop drilled
Which of he following assists in removing heat from the metal walls and fins of an air-cooled cylinder assembly? a baffle and cowl arrangement
During ground operation of an engine, the cowl flaps should be in what position? fully open
During an operational check of an electrically powered radial engine cowl flap system, the motor fails to operate. Which of the following is the first to be checked? Flap actuator motor circuit breaker
(1) Some aircraft exhaust systems include an augmenter system to draw additional air over the engine for cooling. (2) Augmenter systems are used to create a low pressure area at the lower rear of the aircraft engine cowling. both No.1 and No.2 are true.
Which of the following defects would likely cause a hot spot on a reciprocating engine cylinder? too much cooling fin broken off
What part of an air-cooled cylinder assembly has the greatest fin area per square inch? Exhaust valve port
Reciprocating engines used in helicopters are cooled by a fan mounted on the engine
The greatest portion of heat generated by combustion in a typical aircraft reciprocating engine is carried out with the exhaust gases
A broken cooling fin on a cylinder head may be filed to smooth contours if damage and/or repair limits are not exceeded
Cylinder head temperatures are measured by means of an indicator and a thermocouple sensing drive
Prolonged idling of an engine will usually result in foreign material buildup on spark plugs
The most common method and generally the best conduction of heat from the inside of a cylinder barrel to the cooling air is accomplished by machining fins directly on the outside of the barrel
What is the function of a blast tube as found on aircraft engines? a device to cool an engine accessory
What is the position of the cowl flaps during engine starting and warm-up operations under normal conditions? full open at all times
Aircraft reciprocating engine cylinder baffles and deflectors should be repaired as required to prevent loss of cooling
The active clearance control (ACC) portion of the EEC system aids turbine engine efficiency by ensuring turbine blade to engine case clearances are kept to a minimum by controlling case temperatures
Which statement is true regarding the air passing through the combustion section of a jet engine most is used for engine cooling
How are combustion liner walls cooled in a gas turbine engine? by secondary air flowing through the combustion chamber
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