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Word Excersize 1


Computers, Printer, and other devices. Hardware
Programs that provide the instuctions for a computer or another device. Software
The ability ti work with another program or hardware device. Compatibility
something that makes it easy to intergrate and share data. Software suite
A screen element that displays buttons for accessing office features and demands. Ribbon
A device that allows you to select items on screen by pointing at them with the mouse pointer. Mouse
A marker on your computer screen that shows where the next mouse action will occur. Mouse pointer
The flashing vertical line that indicates where the next action will occur in a document or file on-screen. Insertion point
A wheel on some mouse devices used to navigate through a document on-screen. Scrool wheel
To page trough a document in order to view some part of it's contents that is currently displayed. Scroll
A mouse pointer shape resembling the uppercase I. I-Beam
Text or graphics set up to provide a direct connection with destination location. Hyperlink
A smooth, cushioned surface in which you slide a mouse. Mouse pad
The file currently open and active. Current file
A list of commands or choices. Menu