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aplus chapter 15


advanced options menu used to troubleshoot problems when loading xp vista and 2000
boot configuration data file vista file structured the same as a registry file and contains info about how vista is started
boot.ini an xp 2000 hidden text file that contains information needed to start the boot and build the boot loader menu
driver query a windows tool that can be used to direct information about drivers to a file, including information about digital signatures
driver verifier a windows utility that runs in the background to put stress on drivers as they are loaded and running
verifier.exe is used to troubleshoot intermittent driver problems that are not easily detected by other means
emergency repair disk windows 2000 record of critical information about your system that can be used to fix a problem with the os
emergency repair process windows 2000 process that restores the os to its state at the completion of a successful installation
file signature verification tool that displays information about digitially signed files including device driver files and application files
last known good configuration in xp vista 2000 registry settings and device drivers that were in effect when the computer last booted successfully
memory diagnostics vista utility used to detect memory
progress bar displays when vista is starting that indicates the kernel has loaded successfully and user components are loading
recovery console an xp 2000 command interface utility and os that can be used to solve problems when windows cannot load from the hard drive
system file checker windows tool that checks to make sure windows is using the correct version of system files
windows boot loader one of two programs that manage the loading of vista
winload.exe program file that loads and starts essential vista processes
windows boot manager the vista program that manages the initial startup of vista
windows re operating system launched from the vista dvd that provides a graphical and command line interfaceused to solve problems when vista will not boot from the hard drive
recenv.exe windows vista recovery environment
vista memory diagnostics tests memory for errors and works before vista is loaded
if a problem happens in the kernel mode of windows a stop or blue screen error occurs
mdsched.exe to test memory
vista problem reports and solutions view a list of solutions not applied
system file checker vista and xp utility that protects system files
xp error reporting tool does not keep a history of previously reported problems, it displays a message about an error with a current application
system file checker keeps a cache of current system files in case it needs to refresh a damaged file
sfc/scannow system file checker command
sfc protects system files and keeps cache current
erd enables restoration of the 2000 registry on your hard drive
driver verifier troubleshooting intermittent problems, puts stress on the drivers,generates stop error for problem driver indentification
driver verifier try to not run on servers
sigverif.exe file signature verification tool
driver query save info about your system to a file when the system is healthy
blue screen error occurrs in kernel itself typically
tools for blue screen error look for stop error and specific number error, use vista problems reports and solutions window and try event viewer
tools for system lockouts event viewer, reliability and performance monitor,vista problems and reports windows,memory diagnostics
system lockup error computer freezez and needs to be restarted
tools to solve startup problems with vista advanced boot options menu recovery environment, command prompt window in windows re
two files managing windows startup boot manager and boot loader
vista configuration data stored in bcd file boot configuration file
system partition boot manager and bcd files
system partition the pc boots from
boot partition loads the windows vista operating system
BIOS post process first process that runs in the pc
advanced boot options hit F8
safe mode boots a minimum configuration OS no networking uses default services
steps to recover the system in safe mode use system restore use msconfig
ntblog.txt file all files used for the load are recorded
ntbtlog.txt use to identify a service,device driver or application loaded at startup
safe mode with command prompt does not load gui desktop
last known good configuration undo your bad installation and solve your problem
last known good configuration need to try this very early in the troubleshooting process
device manager enable and disable devices and to update or rollback drivers
system file checker tool to verify and restore system files
driver verifier tool that puts stress on device drivers in order to identify the driver with the problem
vista startup is managed by windows boot manager
recEnv.exe recovery environment command
windows re command prompt window restore registry files
RegBack folder contains partial backups of the registry files put there after a successfule boot
timeout the number of seconds the system gives the user to select an operating system before it loads the default
boot.ini hidden text file stored in the root directory of the active partition that the Ntdlr reads to see what os are available and how to set up the boot
two main sections in boot.ini boot loader and operating systems
/fastdetect switch causes the os mot to attempt to inspect any peripheral connected to a com port
/NoExecute switch used to configure data execution program
data execution program stops a program if it tries to use a protected area of memory
advanced options menu used to diagnose and fix problems when booting xp and 2000
recovery console command driven no gui interface.used when xp and 2000 does not start properly or hangs
recovery console restore system files
Created by: cgeaski